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How it all began

In 2010 following the crash in the financial markets and the ever increasing onset of an economic recession, the beginnings of which started to be felt by both business and families across all of the UK & Ireland, a pioneering step was made by Joanna Stace-Sadler, formerly of Price & Company.

Joanna was intent on making a valid attempt to help struggling business owners unable to travel to the exhibitions abroad by taking the exhibitions to them, Joanna, along with the support of Moon, JAB & Kobe began to set up small one day events in Ireland providing the opportunity for trade members to view the latests products in a relaxed and friendly environment.

From those small beginnings Irish Interior Showcase has grown and grown with today over 20 of the top industry suppliers and manufacturers exhibiting over 50 brands to the Interior Design, Retail, Upholstery & Manufacturing, Architects & Hotel & Hospitality sectors.

The growth and success of the show is such that we have new exhibitors regularly wanting to get involved and participate, sadly due to limited space we have an ever growing waiting list.

David Sadler


Joanna Stace-Sadler


Copyright 2023 - Irish Interior Showcase
Copyright 2023 - Irish Interior Showcase
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